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Module discountn4m for Prestahop 1.6

The discountn4m module for Prestashop 1.6

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perstashop version1.6
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The discountn4m module allows you to easily create different types of promotions:

  1. Every nth product bought receives a discount by any percentage value, e.g. every second product receives 50% discount
  2. Every nth product bought costs any given amount,e.g. every third product for PLN 1.
  3. Every n-product from the categories included in the promotion receives a discount by a given percentage of the original price, e.g. if you buy 4 products, each item receives 10% discount. If you buy fewer than 4 products, none will receive a discount.

The discountn4m module configuration panel allows the user to:

  • Define the categories of the products to be included in the promotion.
  • Exclude or include the discounted products in the promotion.
  • Precisely define the duration of the promotion.
  • Define one of how many products is to be given a discount.
  • Define the percentage value of the discount.
  • Define how much the discounted product is to cost (e.g. PLN 2).
  • Define the minimum price of the product to be included in the promotion.

Additional information:

  • The discount is given on the cheaper product or the product that costs the same, e.g. within the “Every second product receives 20% discount” promotion customers who buy a product for PLN 100 and a product for PLN 90 receive a discount on the PLN 90 product.
  • Arranging products from the shopping cart into groups is always done in favour of the customer, e.g. when in the ”Every second product receives 20% discount” promotion the customer buys 2 products for PLN 100 each and 2 products for PLN 90 each, the products will be arranged into two pairs: 100+100 and 90+90. The discount is to be given on one product for PLN 100 and one product for PLN 90.
  • The discount is displayed in the customer's shopping cart.
  • The promotions cannot be combined with coupons/vouchers defined in the shop.

If you buy the discountn4m module, you will be given a 14-days help on solving possible problems which may occur during the module installation or application.